Coasters: Pike Round Sleeve
Coasters: Pike Round Sleeve Coasters: Pike Round Sleeve Coaster: Used as a christmas tree ornament at the Pike Pub, of course...! LOGO: Pike round logo with star

Coasters: Pike Round Sleeve

Remember those authentic coasters you inherited from Aunt Wanda, who collected them in Europe during the war? The simple, vivid colors on extra thick and super absorbent stock are works of art; genuine collectibles. Pass the Pike please! Our coasters are, like those antiques, colorful, thick and absorbent. Save a few for the next generation.
  • Logo: "The Pike" round logo with star
  • Pike heavy-weight (90-point) round coasters with Pike Round Star Logo
  • One-Size
  • Quantity: 100 coasters per order (two sleeves containing 50 coasters each).
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