"Tulip" (Abbey Style) Glass, 12-Ounce
"Tulip" (Abbey Style) Glass, 12-Ounce LOGO: "Pike Family" Assorted glassware...

Glass: Pike "Tulip" (Abbey), 12-Ounce

In the depths of the dark ages, somewhere in Western Europe, silenced sequestered monks, using local sand, along with energy from mountain streams, blew special glasses for their ales. Each glass took time to blow just right, with a bowl to showcase the beauty of their beer, and a stem with which to hold it in contemplation. So what else is new? Fortunately, the industrial revolution gave us mass production so that you don't have to live like a monk to afford the glass. Abbey style beers like our own Monk's Uncle deserve this glass.
  • Logo: Pike Family
  • This 12 oz tulip shaped glass is the standard for Belgian-styled and strong ales.
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